What Marvel Games Would I Like to See

With the news of Marvel’s new focus on games with partnerships with Square Enix, Insomniac, Capcom, and Telltale. I couldn’t help but think about not only what these games could be but what else I would like to see from Marvel in the future. Marvel has a rocky history with video games, while some titles go back to 1982 with Spider-Man on the Atari 2600, of the 100+ games released with marvel properties many of them have been mostly forgotten. Marvel games range from all ages titles like Disney Infinity to M-Rated titles like The Punisher. This shows that Marvel has no problem getting their hands dirty with these titles.


I want to begin with the ones we know about, Telltale’s  Guardians of the Galaxy will most likely follow the formula of most Telltale’s games and I’m not expecting much of a surprise here. Insomniac Games is one of my favorite game developers, they know how to make a fun open world game with fluid movement and great action. guardians-of-the-galaxy-telltale-seriesThey are also extremely creative people and have been in the game industry for a long time, so when I heard they were working on a open world Spider-Man game, I lost my mind! Spider-man is no stranger to the video game world as I mentioned earlier and of the Marvel properties Spider-man has been the most active recently. Activision’s Spider-Man 2 was a critical success and a fan favorite. An open world title that really made you feel like spider-man, I’m sure it will feel super dated by now, but at the time we had never seen a spider-man game like that. After Sunset Overdrive I know Insomniac will be able to put together an amazing title that will blow away all other spider-man games.

Square Enix and Marvel announced a partnership earlier this week for multiple game deal, the first of which is a Avengers game being worked on by the developers of the Tomb Raider reboot team at Crystal Dynamics. Then we got word that Eidos is putting Deus Ex on the shelve to begin work on a Guardians of the Galaxy game. Crystal Dynamics has been on fire recently with the Tomb Raider reboot, making Lara Croft a household name again in a world that has been taken over by Nathan Drake. We don’t really know anything about the game, just that Crystal Dynamics is developing and it involves The Avengers. With both of these projects it’s natural to look at the previous games to see what type of game will be made but it such a different world from the games that these studio’s are know for that we all just have to wait and see what is coming from these two very talented groups.

Now let’s make some stuff up, Marvel is loaded with potential. With every type of game a possibility thanks to decades of material and thousands of characters to pick from. I’m gonna try to pick as many genres as possible and try to connect great developers that can really make some magic.


Like Spider-man, the X-Men have a long history with video games but very few are even still playable in today’s age of games. X-Men the arcade game is one of the most famous arcade beat em ups ever made. Because of their large cast of characters to play with, the X-Men has also been a hard nut to crack. It’s tricky trying to please everyone and by limiting who you can play with will always hold back an X-Men title. My idea for an X-Men game would be an RPG with the player taking control of Hope Summers. If you don’t already know, Hope Summers is a mutant from the future that is known as the savior of mutantkind. She carries the last name Summers because she was saved and raised by Nathan Summers also know as Cable, Cyclops’ son from the future. The reason I would pick Hope over a create your own mutant is because when you create your own character your limiting what the developers can do story wise. They now have to make a vanilla game to fit a variety of different powers that the player can select. Hope on the other hand is a power mimic and can use the powers of other mutants near her which could set up awesome team ups and allow the developers to create amazing stories using a ton of fan favorite characters. I can only see one developer doing this and that’s Bioware, the Mass Effect games set them up perfectly for this by bringing together characters that are completely different and unique with their own voice and skill sets, they have even used special powers and future tech in their games. Another benefit of Hope Summers is her close relationship to Cable which can open the story to endless possibilities thanks to Cable’s ability to time travel.


I’m a big fan of RTS games and one of the best developers of such games is Creative Assembly. I can see them bringing the Nova Corps to life in an epic space RTS that pits the Nova Corps against various cosmic threats. Nova Corps is Marvel’s space cop force, so I can easily see the amazing developers at Creative Assembly creating a universe spanning game that has the player set up bases on distant worlds to face enemies ranging from the Brood, the Skulls, the Chitauri, and while army v army battles is the bread and butter of the RTS world, bringing in a cosmic threat such as Thanos and having the whole corps trying to take down such a powerful being could be just as exciting.


The Punisher is a fan favorite and with an upcoming Netflix show the time is now! The 2005 Punisher game was a Third person extremely violent game that became famous for its controversial torture scenes. My idea for a Punisher game would be a first person shooter. I know people love to see the all black wearing badass with the skull on his chest but we know what he looks like, let’s use that processing power for other things. First person shooters have gotten stale over the years because of the constant annual sequels every year. Activision’s Call of Duty and EA’s Battlefield franchises have taken the first person shooter world hostage and it seems the only way to make a splash in the genre is to bring something new to the table like we have seen with Capcom’s Resident Evil 7 and Arkane’s Dishonored series. I don’t want the Punisher to be a run and gun shooter, because that’s not the Punisher. The Punisher only kills his target, so what better team to make this game than the team that made Hitman, IO Interactive . Now I know they are know for making third person games but I trust them to step out of their comfort zone and make an amazing Punisher game in the Marvel Universe.


Deadpool is Marvel right now and not having a great Deadpool game in development right now should be considered a crime. High moon studios made a Deadpool game in 2013 but it didn’t scratch that itch, I feel the game should be humorous but also tap into Deadpool’s more serious side as well. Given Deadpool’s fighting style and choice of weapons the only studio I want making this game is Ninja Theory. I feel that not only will they create a beautiful amazing world but fluid and amazing gameplay. Ninja Theory is a developer that has made some amazing games but not hit superstar status yet. Heavenly Sword and Enslaved were great games but never sold like great games. They are no stranger to Marvel as they were one of many teams that worked on Disney Infinity, mainly to fix the combat in the game and I’m sure it helped keep the lights on. So Ninja Theory need a hit and Deadpool is in dire need of a team that can make him a great game.

That’s all I got for now, share this so developers can see and get these deals made. The marvel universe is vast and the possibilities are endless. I hope these games currently lead us into a new era of great comic book games.




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