Star Wars Episode VIII Title Reveal!

Let the marketing machine begin! We finally have a title for Star Wars Episode VIII and it’s a good one. Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi will hit theaters this December. Hopefully we get a trailer soon because the hype behind this film is going to be huge.



The Last Jedi raises so many questions for me. To begin at the end of the force awakens (spoiler alert) we see Rey handing Luke Skywalker his lightsaber back. They have already confirmed that episode VIII will pick up at that moment. So that means the movie will open with two Jedi, does that mean this could be the end for Luke? Has he lost his power, his connection to the force? Or maybe much like another beloved character we see his time come to an end.


We know Rey is one with the Force and has a strong connection with Luke because of the memories accessed when she was first handed the lightsaber. We Also saw her ability to access skills and talents she previously didn’t have, so are we not looking at a Jedi in Rey but an evolution somehow? Because in the previous films I don’t remember someone being able to use the force to quickly learn how to battle. Rey took on Kylo Ren who had been trained by Luke and is a Knight of Ren and we saw early in the Force Awakens that Rey is a fighter but her ability to learn so quickly just by holding the lightsaber is something new and not seen before in star wars.


As Disney stated in the past, all previous comics, games, and novels are no longer cannon but there was a series of books titled “The Last of the Jedi” by Judy Blundell that began in 2005 and was published by Scholastic Corporation. This obviously won’t follow the footsteps of that series because they focus on Obi Wan Kenobi, but with there being questions of Rey’s parentage. Having a title that refers to an Obi Wan Kenobi story might be a neat little easter egg.


Are the Jedi relics of the past? Will Kylo Ren be full Sith? What becomes of Finn and Poe? This December we find out in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, can’t wait.


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