RIP 2016, Love live 2017!


2016 you miserable shit, I’m so glad to see you go. Happy new year everyone, as we try to move on from one of the most disastrous years in pop culture history. We look forward to 2017 with excitement and worry at the same time. Now not everything was terrible in 2016, it was a great year in the video game industry, comic movies are taking over Hollywood and Star Wars continues to impress in this new Disney run future. So let’s remember the good and look forward to what 2017 can be, a return to form as we try to get over this hangover of 2016.

Let’s begin with what we know is coming, Movies. 2017 is set to be another huge year for movies, Disney alone took in over 7 billion dollars in 2016, that was off the backs of Marvel movies such as Captain America: Civil War and Doctor Strange, Pixar brought Finding Dory, and Disney’s new titles Zootopia and Moana. Disney also continued to remake animated films in live action by bringing back some classics such as Pete’s Dragon, BFG, and Jungle Book. The icing on Disney’s 2016 cake was the success of the first Star Wars spinoff movie Rogue One. While not bringing in as much as the saga films (Episodes 1-7) Rogue One was still one of the highest grossing films of the year and a big hit with Star Wars fans everywhere (Except China).

2017 looks to be an even bigger year for Disney, Marvel is bringing back the surprise darling of 2014 for Vol 2 of Guardians of the Galaxy, they are also teaming up with Sony for the the MCU’s Spiderman: Homecoming, then topping the year off with Thor: Ragnarok which sounds more like a Hulk movie since it takes a lot from the Planet Hulk storyline.

Pixar is also shaping up to have a great year, with a return to radiator springs with Cars 3. Now not much has been shown of this movie but from what we have seen, it appears to be taking a darker more serious tone. Something that most pixar movies usually have but was absent in the Cars franchise. Pixar is also slated to release Coco, personally as a hispanic I’m very excited for this because Disney hasn’t had the best track record when it comes to hispanics. Before Elena of Avalor the only movie that represented hispanics, somewhat, was the Emperor’s new groove which was supposed to take place in ancient Peru but when you look at the voice cast you’ll see as surprised as I was about that (David Spade, John Goodman, Eartha May Kitt, and Patrick Warburton).


Coco on the other hand will have an all hispanic cast and be focused around Mexico and its traditions. Disney main will continue its push of remaking classic animated films into live action with probably its most popular and ambitious one yet with Beauty and the Beast, the trailer was one of the most watched videos on youtube and the  hype around this movie will easily make it one of the biggest films of the year. Disney will need all these films to succeed to justify the money that they have pumped into their 2017 summer blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell no Tales. Jumping to number 2 all time most expensive movie (#1 and #3 are also Pirates of the Caribbean movies, On Stranger Tides $380 Million and At World’s End $300 Million) with a budget of $320 Million the latest in the Johnny Depp led Pirates of the Caribbean films releases has a lot to prove.

With such a massive budget, hitting 1 Billion worldwide just isn’t good enough anymore. So far only 2 of the 4 pirates movies have hit the Billion dollar mark and the last one was off the backs of the international markets as it’s been in steady decline since the second film. The star of the film, Johnny Depp did not have a good 2016 much like the rest of us, his very public divorce from Amber Heard caught many headlines and it’s interesting to see if it will affect the turnout on the film. If Disney has one sure fire hit this year it’s the final big release, Star Wars Episode VIII sees us return to where the Force Awakens left off with the Return of Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker. We also get our final performance from one of the many lost in 2016 Carrie Fisher and Gen. Leia. After the success of The Force Awakens and Rogue One it’s safe to say Star Wars will be fine.


I know it may not seem like it but believe it or not there are others companies are making movies too. DC Films and its first two films under new head Geoff Johns kick off with Wonder Woman and followed later in the year with their biggest movie to date Justice League. DC has been having a tough time with critics with the first 3 films in their expanded cinematic universe. While fans defend to their dying breath, the first 3 movies have not lived up to Warner Bros (DC’s Parent Company) expectations. images This year is going to play a huge role in the future of DC’s Cinematic universe, Wonder Woman is the first female led comic book movie by any company and she was one of the bright spots in a dark and bleak Batman V Superman. WB is hoping that popularity bigs in big numbers for Wonder Woman, but it’s hard to predict since it is the first attempt at a female led super hero film. Justice league brings together DC’s heroes to face a threat too big for just one, this is by far the most important movie for DC. If this movie doesn’t live up to expectations we can see a complete reboot of DC’s movie or worse, complete abandonment of the extended cinematic universe. Not saying DC would stop making movies but we could see them return to how they previously did their films with individual movies instead of a connected universe.

Hugh Jackman is popping his claws for the last time with Logan, as the actor has stated he is no longer playing the character of Wolverine after this movie. From the trailer we can see this is a film that takes place in the future and it’s not a good one. download To round out films to look forward to, we have to mention the summer of sequels. Transformers with have a new entry in its franchise as will Fast and Furious with The Fate of the Furious. Aliens return with a new gorey entry with Alien: Covenant. Then we go bananas for War for the Planet of Apes and Kong: Skull Island. Speaking of bananas our little yellow friends also return this year with a new Despicable Me, and also for the little ones and let’s be honest the big kids in all of us we are getting the Lego Batman movie that looks absolutely insane.

As you can see we have plenty to look forward to no matter what you’re into. Something tells me we are gonna need a distraction for the near future so it’s great to see hollywood stepping up to the challenge.



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