Rockstar is About to Break the Internet.

Red Dead map leak.jpg

Back in April we got our first indication of what Rockstar was working on with a leak of the supposed map for Red Dead Redemption 2. Since the team at Teachradar broke the news rumors went into high gear with possible reveals at E3 and every convention thereafter. Obviously nothing has been announced until yesterday, when the Rockstar’s twitter account posted this image on their feed.


A simple image with their logo but everyone knew what they were trying to say. The internet lost their collective minds! You couldn’t go anywhere without seeing an article or post discussing the image, social media had the image trending, everyone in the world of gaming was discussing the image. Of course the conclusion to the mystery of the image was Red Dead 2 is set to be officially announced soon. Red Dead Redemption was released back in 2010 for the Xbox 360 and PS3 and while the game received great reviews and was a huge success it was also known for its grueling development crunch that saw developers working long hours and extra days without overtime pay and according to former developers some of the work was also not credited properly.

It surprised no one in the gaming world that Rockstar’s next big project would be a new entry in the GTA franchise, but fans wanted more so the image released yesterday is preparing the gaming world for the next entry in the Red Dead franchise. Then this morning another pleasant surprise.


Oh hell yeah! While not an official confirmation yet, it is clear that we will be finding ourselves lost in the wild west again soon. The image as you can see shows a group of people standing in front of what could be a rising or setting sun. Now obviously the Sun sets in the west but from the map leak some eagle eyed fans have noticed that it connects to the map of RDR but to the east so we might be looking at a rising sun to represent an east coast version of the western.


Another thing we can see that differs from the first is the group of people. Red Dead Redemption was the story of John Marston. It was a single player game through and through so to see a group could indicate multiplayer. With the rise of games like Destiny and The Division, could Rockstar be tipping their toes in an area they haven’t really been known for in the past. GTA V also had multiple characters and the story remained single player so we could see them go that route as well. Here’s to hoping Rockstar doesn’t leave us guessing for too long, until then everyone is going to following their twitter feed very closely waiting for the next hint to drop.


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