My Thoughts on Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad is the third film in DC’s cinematic universe, It brings together a group of villains forced to do covert mission for the US government under the leadership of Amanda Waller. The cast includes popular actors such as Will Smith, Margot Robbie and Jared Leto alongside up and coming actors like Jai Courtney and Cara Delevingne. margot-robbie-harley-quinnFollowing the events of Batman V Superman, Amanda Waller is trying to push forward her Task Force X aka Suicide Squad, to deal with threats such as Superman going rouge. She then gathers a group of villains with her biggest gun being the Enchantress. She controls the Enchantress by being in possession of her heart. Enchantress then releases her brother Incubus and then after he’s at full strength she returns to him and he shares his power with her taking away Amanda Waller’s power over her. After a series of brief introductions of the othehr characters, they are brought together to rescue a very important person in Midtown City.

They are brought together and tiny bombs are implanted into their necks to assure their obedience, one of the members finds out first hand that they work and well. The movie then jumps into the mission, they are to save an important person trapped in Midtown City. The squad along with a small band of soldiers then set out on the mission and quickly discover this isn’t your typical search and recuse as they are confronted by the Enchantresses forces which we learn where the original soldiers that were sent in first to fix the situation. After a series of unfortunate events the squad takes it upon themselves to face enchantress. That’s the film in a nutshell, now if you have been following the trailers for this movie you might be thinking, I’m thinking of another movie, where’s the funny? The Hijinks? The Joker! Well unfortunately those trailers don’t represent the final cut of the film all that well.


Let’s start off with the tattooed green haired elephant in the room, the Joker. Jared Leto plays the new Joker for the DC cinematic universe, he follows an oscar winning performance by Heath Ledger and the iconic Jack Nicholson. As an actor Jared Leto threw himself into this role unlike many before him, he went to prison to learn the ways of real killers. He mailed dead animals to the other actors on the set, which made him unpopular with some of the other cast members.cofuarrwgae47xs For all of the screen time he received in the trailers, he wasn’t a large part of the final cut of the film. Jared was bothered because as he states he filmed enough Joker scenes for a stand alone film. The Joker is probably in 15 – 20 minutes of the movie and if you were to cut him out completely the movie remains the same. As far as the performance itself, it is definitely different from the Jokers before him. He comes across as a drug addict thug, with a criminal organization that’s loyal to him. In the flashback scenes for Harley Quinn we see the Joker abuse Harley to test her loyalty to him but for the rest of the film he is the love struck puppy fighting to get back his Harley.


While this is an ensemble cast it focuses mainly on a select few members of the squad. Deadshot gets the most attention, we see him in and out of action as well as a confrontation with the Batman himself. Will Smith plays Deadshot in the film and is one of the highlights of the film. He stands out from the bunch by showing his skill and leadership through the film. Harley would be the next bright star played by Margot Robbie she does an awesome job showing her ability to hurt others as well as herself. Harley starts off as a Psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum and is assigned to the Joker, soon thereafter she falls in love with the clown prince and helps him escape and he thanks her by torturing her and eventually leading her to the chemical plant that created him. 0857060-jpg-r_x_600-f_jpg-q_x-xxyxxHere we see him ask her if she would Die then quickly changing that to Live for him and she says yes and proceeds to jump into the chemicals, Joker begins to walk away only to return to jump in after her saving her from a possible death. Margot Robbie does a great job with the role, the only negative is that her being on the team really made no sense whatsoever. Knowing the Joker was free and after her made her an even bigger liability aside from than the fact that she was a tiny flexible lunatic with a bat, surrounded by people with superpowers and guns.

If Deadshot and Harley were the A team then Captain Boomerang and El Diablo were the B team, El Diablo the only real superpowered of the bunch ends up playing a larger role later in the film but spends the majority of the time holding back and staying out of the limelight. Captain Boomerang is a guy that uses weaponized boomerangs to rob banks. We see him get captured by The Flash and from there on out his role becomes the comic relief of the group. The rest of the team is pretty forgettable, Killer Croc has a few one liners, Katana has a few good scenes, and Rick Flag is just plain boring. Rick Flag is the person in charge of running the missions with the Suicide Squad, his motivation here is that he is in love with June Moone, only problem is Enchantress is currently in possession of her body.


The Enchantress along with her brother Incubus take control of Midtown City and are creating a weapon to wipe out all of the weapons humanity could use to stop them so they can enslave the human race. This is by far the worse part of the film, the Suicide Squad are not superheroes they don’t take on supernatural threats because then the question becomes, Where’s Batman? Wheres Flash? Where’s Superman? Well we know where Superman is but watching a major city getting destroyed and the only people that can save it is a guy that can shoot, a guy with boomerangs, a guy that can shoot fire, a mutated crocodile man, and a crazy lady with a bat. No Batman, No Flash even though we saw them earlier in the film, they are nowhere to be found as the Enchantress was using her weapon to attack US weapon systems and government buildings all over the world.

In closing, while the movie was entertaining. It is very difficult to ignore all the issues facing the movie. The pacing, storytelling, and character development are all very weak in this film. It’s easy as a comic fan and watch a movie like this and wonder, why all the hate and bad reviews? We know the characters, we know their stories, so to us, we can sit back and enjoy the movie for what it is. To the rest of the world they are watching this movie wondering what the hell is going on and who are these people and Why should I care? That is how you fail as a film.


Personally I would’ve loved if the Enchantress wasn’t in the film at all, and instead it was the team trying to recapture the Joker. Therefore Harley would have a bigger role in the film outside of sex appeal as she is the one that knows how that Joker works. Also this would’ve worked as a rated R film seeing that after the release of the film a lot of its dirty laundry got out.jared-leto-joker-suicide-squad-trailer-mtv A big revelation was that after the backlash about Batman V Superman the suits at Warner Bros ordered reshoots to lighten the film and they cut out a lot of the squads back stories. As comic readers we know how terrible these guys are but in the film you don’t see much of that because it would’ve made the movie too dark in the suits eyes, along with the back stories were those scenes Jared Leto brought up because they showed the abusive relationship between Joker and Harley. The issue there is that the Suicide Squad is supposed to be a dark movie but instead they tried to turn it into DC’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Also would of helped if this movie came out later after these characters were able to develop backstories naturally in other movies. In the end it was a fun brain dead movie with laughs, action, and adds characters to a rapidly growing DC cinematic universe that should’ve happened later instead of now.



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