Disappointments From E3

E3 has come and gone and we are still recovering from all the news. We finally got to see Legend of Zelda, the return of Kratos, and New IPs like Days Gone, but I can’t help but feel a little let down with some of what we saw and what we didn’t. I hate being negative but I just need to gets my thoughts out.

First up VR, the next big thing is kicking off with more of a spark than a bang. While it did have some nice things to show, I wouldn’t really call any of them games. These short experiences are interesting and a nice taste of what a real game could be but I don’t feel that they are worth the $600 – $800 dollar price tag for these VR headsets. That’s not even bringing up the powerful expensive PC’s you need to run these headsets. PSVR is the cheapest of the headsets but requires the PS4 which is an extra $350 on top of the $400 it cost for the headset. That doesn’t include the Camera or the Move controllers needed for gameplay. I think Microsoft was smart with their focus being on console games and not VR and giving developers a year to produce real games for the platform.


Speaking of those console games, that brings me to my second disappointment. Games shown at previous E3’s that were a no show at this years show. First up Crackdown 3, I was so hyped to see more of this game. This game is making a ton of claims and after the bit we saw at Gamescon last year I was hoping to see more and get a release date. Unfortunately it wasn’t at the show at all, the developers updated their site letting everyone know that they wouldn’t be at the show but the game is coming in 2017. Mass Effect: Andromeda not being at the show was another huge let down. Seeing that many thought this game was going to release in 2016 to not have gameplay or even a real trailer was really disappointing. The Last Guardian finally getting a date was big but what took 10 years? The game doesn’t look like it’s improved much in all those years. There is no way this game will end up being profitable after 10 years of developmental costs for a game that looks last gen. I know Team Ico is beloved by a lot but there just aren’t enough people, they should’ve pushed what they had before the PS4 was released.

Nintendo as a whole disappointed me, I get it everyone is working on NX games but why not show them? I know Zelda is a huge game but Zelda will sell to Zelda fans no matter what. To waste a whole show on one game was a huge let down. The Wii U is a failure, 12.8 million units moved in 4 years is a disaster compared to the Wii or the other 2 major consoles on the market. Nintendo announced in March 2015 that they were working on the next generation called the NX. Since the announcement not much else is known about the system. Recently it was rumored that the console will launch in March 2017 which is 9 months away, the Wii U has no major release scheduled for the remainder of this year. We are to assume because every 1st party studio is working on making games on the NX but why not take advantage of the most talked about convention in North America in their largest Market?


Sony also confirmed the existence of their upgraded PS4 codenamed NEO, but also failed to show anything about the system at the show. The leak that broke the news on the NEO stated that it will release this year alongside the PSVR. PSVR has a release date of October 2016 so if that’s correct then why not start talking about the system now. Sony has only confirmed that NEO is real so we really have no real information on the upcoming console. I give Sony a slight pass on this one for two reasons, one they have their own show in which the NEO wouldn’t have to share the spotlight and they can take their time and give better details. Two, it would destroy their sales for the next 4 months. I honestly think it’s too late for the latter seeing that by confirming the system is real anyone waiting to buy a PS4 will continue to wait for the NEO. A good move on Sony’s end would’ve been to cut the price on the current model to maintain sales, something their competitor Microsoft did. I was hoping to get a bit more information from Sony about NEO given it’s 4 months from release but Gamescon is in a few months, so I can hold out a bit longer.


I personally had low expectations going into the show this year, but was pleasantly surprised in the end. I did have a few issues but it didn’t take away from my overall excitement for what’s to come. Feel free to point out what you felt left you a bit disappointed down below in the comments.

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