My Thoughts on E3 So far

Wow, Wow, Wow with only Nintendo to go tomorrow morning, most of the press conferences are over and Wow. Going into E3 there were a lot of leaks and of all the shows Microsoft was hit the hardest. Their whole show was basically leaked with only a few announcements left for the show. EA, Bethesda, Microsoft, Ubisoft and Sony all had a lot to say and show. I want to cover the announcements that have me the most excited and share my thoughts on the show so far.


Unfortunately Nintendo will not be showing the NX at the show this year and Sony did not make the Neo part of their conference but they did go big with Playstation VR. Coming this year on October 13th Playstation VR will have a sizeable library with Sony announcing that before the end of the year there will be 50 games for PSVR. With titles like Resident Evil VII, Batman from the Arkham series and Star Wars all coming to the PSVR, also with the lowest starting price at $399. PSVR will be the easiest and best way to get into VR. No mention of Neo so we don’t know how PSVR will work with it but with 40 Million PS4s already sold and VR ready, this is going to be a big push for Sony this holiday season.


Microsoft had a few hardware announcements, they kicked off the show with the official debut of the Xbox One S. The S is 40% smaller than the current Xbox One, it features slightly upgraded parts so current titles will run better than the current Xbox One. I love the look of the S, also the little touches like the power supply being built into the system so gone are the days of a giant power block behind your TV. A new streamlined control is also included that features a grip pad behind the controller and it also has Bluetooth to better connect to Windows 10 devices. Starting at $299 this is a great value and I’ll seriously be keeping an eye out for any upgrade programs out there. While it doesn’t come with Kinect it does support it and Microsoft will send you a free adapter to use on the S.


Microsoft wasn’t done there, they closed the show with Project Scorpio. We didn’t really learn anything new that wasn’t already in the leak but this was an official confirmation that it was being worked on and it was as powerful as rumored to be. Microsoft even said it will be the “Most powerful console ever” which isn’t saying much because every new console is the most powerful ever but I digress. Microsoft didn’t show what the console will look like or how much it will cost but we did learn it will support VR and given that they had John Carmack on stage, one of the minds behind Oculus, but they also had Bethesda’s Todd Howard say Fallout 4 was coming to Scorpio for VR. At Bethesda’s show Todd Howard announced Fallout 4 was coming to HTC’s Vive not Oculus, so it will be interesting to see what happens from here on out.



Now the fun part games, games, games, a lot to cover here as we got a ton of information on quite a few titles with surprisingly most coming in 2016.


Growing up with Rare and titles like Banjo Kazooie and Donkey Kong, Yooka Laylee is just pulling all the right strings. This super cute platformer is being made by former member of Rare mainly the ones that worked on Banjo Kazooie and that has me super excited to see what they created with Yooka Laylee.


Watch Dogs 2 is coming this year and this open world hack everything world is very interesting. I played the first Watch Dogs but it never really grabbed me. I’m hoping Ubisoft can pull some magic out of their hat like they did with Assassin’s Creed and make a sequel that is miles better than the original. If I were to have a complaint about this title it would be, what are they going for with the story? Is it supposed to be serious or maybe a little goofy, the trailers make it seem like you’re the little man taking on big brother but the actual game shows more of a anti-hero that will do whatever it takes to get his hacker groups message out. That includes killing and stealing all while being surrounded by weird and goofy characters.It feels more like a Saints Row type game that they are trying to pass with a GTA seriousness.


Respawn has made a loyal fan out of me, the original Titanfall was a great game that needed just a little something to make it amazing. Respawn is made of mostly of former Infinity Ward employees who left to form Respawn after an ugly break up with Activision. There is no question this team knows how to make a shooter, but that was alway just a part of the pie. This time around Titanfall with have a single player campaign to go along with an already amazing multiplayer. The trailer for the single player blew me away thankfully we don’t have to wait long since this title is dropping later this year.


One thing that drives me insane is hearing about a game that is nowhere near release. Sea of Thieves was announced and last years E3 and it has been quiet until today. We got to see some gameplay and the game looks really fun and the world is beautiful and really flushed out. That was about it though, not much to go off of, no story in the trailer, no release date or window. I would really like some more information, I feel I am not alone in my excitement for a real game being made by the team at Rare but I would like a bit more information on the game.


Every year we get a game that releases that day, this year it was Trials of the Blood Dragon. A merging of two of the most popular downloadable games of the recent years. This absolutely ridiculous game is perfect, both Trails and Blood Dragon were really great games and I’m curious to see what their love baby ends up being.


If you know me personally, you would know what a comic book geek I am. The first Injustice was nice but the team at NetherRealm Studios really stepped it up with Injustice 2. I was getting goosebumps with the gameplay trailer and while it didn’t show up at any shows it was still one of the games I am most excited for.


Days Gone came out of nowhere, Sony showed it towards the beginning of their show. The first trailer touched on the idea that this was a world that has gone to hell. It touches on personal relationships and lost, overall a solid trailer but nothing really to show. At the end they return to the title to show gameplay and what happened in this world. Zombies!!!! Oh so many 28 days later World War Z like zombies, I joked with a friend of mine that it was the most stressful trailer I have seen for a game like this. I’m curious to see more and I’m happy to see a new IP coming from Sony.


Holy Tornados Batman Gears of War 4 blew me away, yes pun intended. It’s clear the team over at The Coalition wants to tell the world that this ain’t your daddy’s Gear of War. Showing several new features such as the weather affecting the gameplay, interactive environments, New weapons, and Co-op team up kills. Can’t wait to get my hands on this game later this year.


If there was one announcement that made me involuntarily scream it was Spider-man. Spiderman is no stranger to the video game world and Spider-man 2 is still seen as one of the best open world games ever. There have been far more misses than hits when it comes to your friendly neighborhood Spider-man, but that was then and this is Insomniac. Insomniac is one of my personal favorite developers. They are known for the Ratchet and Clank series, Resistance, Spyro, and most recently Sunset Overdrive. I trust this team whole heartedly with Spiderman and I know they will create an amazing game that I will be lining up day one to pick up.


The game of the show for me was God of War, holy crap what an amazing looking game. I wasn’t expecting to see Kratos seeing that this takes place in norse mythology and not Greek. It does look like the same Kratos, older,calmer, and with a new family. Gone are the days of a constantly screaming raged out Kratos as we see him calmly training his son to survive in the world they live in. He is as brutal as ever and the game looks amazing. There were a few things that caught my eye, one is when leaks first appeared of this game. We saw a more Viking like main character, that’s why I was a little surprised to see Kratos. It could be that what we saw was just the beginning and the game is played as his son when he gets older, also assuming we see the end of Kratos. Two, no orbs, we see Kratos kill quite a few creatures but nothing happens when they die, but when his son did things like follow the trail or make the shot he was gaining experience, further making me believe we will be playing as the son the majority of the game. The Santa Monica team has made me a very happy man, I cannot contain my excitement for this title.

So far I’m very happy with the show so far, tomorrow we finally get to see Zelda HD for the first time. Nintendo is pushing this game hard, mainly because it’s the only game they really have coming soon to the console space. These are just a few of the titles I’m excited for I’m sure there will be more to come.

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