My Thoughts on EA’s Press Conference.

E3 is officially on its way thanks to EA and their annual press conference. No real big surprises this year, but we were able to get a bit more information on many of the titles we are anticipating in the coming months. A notable absence was one of EA largest franchises The Sims, who recently released an additional pack for Sims 4 with the Dine Out pack.

A huge chunk of EA’s revenue comes from their sports titles so it’s no surprise that a lot of today’s press conference focused on the upcoming sports titles in the Madden and FIFA franchises. I will start with FIFA 17 and the new single player story mode, FIFA 17 The Journey give gamers the ability to play through the career of an up and coming player in the Primier League. You play as Alex Hunter as he chooses a team and tries to rise through the rankings. Using the Frostbite engine FIFA 17 looks like another amazing addition to the FIFA franchise and The Journey will bring new gamers into the already massive FIFA family of fans.

Here in the United States the NFL is king and Madden 17 looks to bring another annual update to the popular franchise. The only real notable thing I took away from the Madden 17 announcement is that they are dropping Xbox 360 and PS3 and focusing on the current generations of systems. The game looks amazing and it seems like EA is really getting behind tournament support. Outside of a few gameplay changes, I don’t feel like there’s too much new with this year’s version of the title.

One of the games I am looking forward to the most is Titanfall 2, sadly the trailer leaked before the show but that doesn’t take away how amazing the game looks and the addition of a single player campaign makes this a must buy later this year when it releases on October 28th.

We also got to see how multiplayer will look and feel in Titanfall 2.

A game I was really hoping to see more of was Mass Effect: Andromada. In the place of a new announcement trailer or gameplay trailer, we got a behind the scenes look at what is to come with Mass Effect, the team over at Bioware are amazing at what they do and I can’t wait until I can explore the new universe even more when the game finally drops.

Keeping with the theme of teasing with a behind the scenes look at games, we get to see what the various teams working on Star Wars games are working on for the foreseeable future. We check in with the teams at DICE, BioWare, Motive, Visceral Games, Capital Games and Respawn. We learned a few things and were left wondering a lot. We get to see a tiny peek at what Amy Henning and the team at Visceral have been working on. We can see she brought that famous wall push from the Uncharted franchise that Amy Henning is known for. We also seeĀ Stig Asmussen doing motion capture for his game with Respawn for a third party action title in the Star Wars Universe. They mentioned Battlefront, but there was no word if they are adding a single player campaign. They did mention they will be adding locations and characters from the newer films.

EA is starting a new program called EA Originals in which they team up with smaller indie developers making amazing games and getting those games the spotlight they need to reach gamers everywhere. The first game from EA Originals is a game called Fe. A beautiful exploration game that allows you explore the forest and take whatever route you feel like taking. Watch the gameplay below.

They closed the show with Battlefield 1, a few years ago if you were to tell me a World War 1 game is coming and actually looks really good, I probably would’ve laughed. EA is laughing now, this game look absolutely insane. 64 player online battles, no battle will be the same, and so many vehicles including the massive vehicles like zeppelins and armored war trains. Below you can see the gameplay trailer and see for yourself how insane these battles will be.


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