E3 Leaks so far

We are hours away from E3 kicking off with EA’s press conference but that hasn’t stopped the news from coming out. Let’s take a look at what has sneaked out before the big show and my thoughts on them so far.


I’m gonna start with Deadrising 4, We don’t have much information on this title yet but as a big fan of Deadrising 3, I can’t wait to hear more in this title. Many questions about this game, rumors are it’s a reboot of the first game, but instead of staying in the mall it will have the surrounding area as well. From the leak we can see the return of Frank West which only fuels the rumor about a return to the first Deadrising. The biggest lingering question is, is it still an exclusive to Xbox.

Next up is Injustice 2, As a big fan of not only the original but also the comic book. I was very exciting to see NetherRealm Studios returning to DC to make another game. The Video above shows the gameplay which is mind blowing. In a genre that has seen a resurgence recently with Street Fighter, Killer Instinct, and NetherRealm Studios Mortal Kombat all returning to elite levels Injustice is a pleasant surprise. With everything shown in this trailer it’s clear NetherRealm Studios is taking this seriously and Warner Bros is really taking game development seriously. Can’t wait for this title!

Literally minutes ago TitanFall 2’s single player trailer was leaked then officially released by Respawn. This is an amazing looking game and it’s mind blowing that this is second AAA title from a studio that came together a few years ago after the ugly break up of Infinity Ward and Activison with most of the team leaving to create Respawn. We also get a release date and thankfully we don’t have to wait long to play this amazing game, coming October 28th 2016.


Watch Dogs 2 is another title that leaked and was then followed by an official release. The original Watch Dogs was a huge seller because it was pushed as a real next gen title during the launch of the current gen. The reviews and gamers feelings on the original were very mixed but the sales were there to support a sequel. The gameplay video below shows a lot of new features, the game world is a digital San Francisco and looks amazing. You can tell the developers took their time to get the landmarks and feel of San Francisco down.

Coming November 16th 2016.


A surprise hit last generation, was Dishonored. I personally never got around to playing the game but I’m very curious to see what Bethesda has in store with the sequel. A gameplay trailer was leaked today but was taken down by Bethesda and their parent company ZeniMax.

Following Bungies return to independence and the release of Destiny everyone is keeping a close eye on them to see what’s next. With the huge following of Destiny it doesn’t surprise me that the next expansion was leaked and has the same attention as a full game.

Sony Neo, Microsoft Scorpio, and Nintendo NX


While these have probably the biggest leaks of this year I don’t expect to see any of these systems at E3. Sony and Nintendo have come out and said they will not be showing their new systems at the show. Microsoft hasn’t confirmed the rumors are true, but they are the only one expected to show a new system with a reveal of the Xbox One Slim. I personally feel that all of these upgrades are being made to jump to VR. It is known that Sony has Playstation VR and that is coming this October, there are rumors that Nintendo NX may include VR with some developers saying they are making a game for Nintendo VR. Microsoft currently works with Oculus rift seeing that every Oculus comes with an Xbox One controller. There are rumors that Microsoft is trying to become the console partner with Oculus so that they have a hat in the game. Microsoft is also working on Hololens and have shown how that could work with gaming but following a lot of complaints about the field of view, they may use Oculus to buy time for Hololens to become more gamer friendly. Microsoft’s rumored upgraded system Scorpio could make sense when you see the power needed to run the Oculus Rift. We might not see these systems until Gamescon or special individual press conference.


E3 kicks off Sunday June 12th at 4pm ET with EA’s press conference.


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