Predictions For Marvel Phase 4

Marvel has created an amazing world movies, starting in 2008 with Iron Man staring Robert Downey Jr. The latest movie Captain America: Civil War kicked off Phase 3 of the marvel movie universe. Marvel has created a system in which they release movies in phases that are topped off with an Avengers movie that ties together the stories leading until then.

Marvel in the 90’s was a struggling comic book company and in an effort to save the company, Marvel began to license off it’s properties to movie companies to make feature films with their characters. These licenses came with stipulations for example Fox recently lost the rights to Daredevil and Elektra after failing to make a movie after a given amount of time. While Namor had his rights at Universal until recently even though they never made a movie or show for the character. Most of the rights have returned to Marvel, the only ones still out are the X-Men and Fantastic Four with Fox and Spider-man with Sony. Marvel and Sony recently came to terms to allow Spider-man to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) while Sony still retains the rights. This agreement allowed the latest Spider-man played by Tom Holland to appear in Captain America: Civil War. The next Spider-man movie currently scheduled for a Summer 2017 release will be made by Sony with Marvel’s creative team assisting, Robert Downey Jr’s character Tony Stark has been added to the cast of Spider-man: Homecoming. This deal was made possible because Sony’s last attempt at Spider-man, The Amazing Spider-man series fell short of expectations.

Speaking of falling short of expectations, Fox’s reboot of the Fantastic Four was an all around failure. One of the worse reviewed comic book movies ever and a box office bomb, many thought this would be the nail in the coffin for the Fantastic Four at Fox. The first two Fantastic Four movies did okay but were viewed as cartoony and childish and financially didn’t do too well. Fox rebooted in 2015 with a new cast and a darker tone, but a rushed production and an unruly director weren’t able to make a successful film. There were rumors that Marvel was attempting to recover some of their rights from Fantastic Four and after the latest film bombed rumors were everywhere that Marvel reclaimed the rights the Marvels first superhero family. Unfortunately, the rumors were shot down but marvel did add 3 untitled movies to the end of its phase 3 movies.

Phase 3.png

Since we don’t know how phase 3 will close out I will predict those are placeholders for sequels to Doctor Strange 2, Spider-Man 2, and Black Panther 2. Inhumans has been removed for the line up to make way for another Disney property movie. They fit in better in my phase 4 predictions.

If the current trend continues then phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will kick off Spring 2021. I predict that following the events of Avengers Infinity part 2 the Avengers as we know them now will be completely different, given the actors contracts and age Marvel may take this opportunity to refresh the cast or just go a new direction for phase 4. From the current films I can see a new team being assembled, it will feature Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Winter Soldier (as Captain America), Ant Man, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Spider-Man, Black Widow, Hulk, and Doctor Stranger. This team will not be called Avengers but instead The Ultimates. Phase 4 will not focus on The Ultimates until the end of the phase, I feel phase 4 will feature the introduction of Marvels first family’s debut in the MCU. By 2020 if Fox has not made a sequel to 2015’s Fantastic Four then the rights will return to Marvel and given the fan backlash and the huge loss they took with the last film this is inevitable. Fantastic Four is a huge part of Marvel comics, they were the first super hero family and without them there would be no Marvel Comics. Seeing that we are entering phase 4 what better time to welcome the Fantastic Four home. Phase 4 kicks off with the Fantastic Four movie, in that movie much like 2017’s Spider-Man I see Marvel avoiding what Fox did with the characters. That means No Doctor Doom, we should get a mention of Latveria much like Avenger did with Wakanda before ever seeing Black Panther. The first villain for the Fantastic Four will have a connection to the Inhumans which I feel is the second film in phase 4. Maximus the Mad is going to be the main villain, I can see him playing a Loki like role. As the Fantastic Four take down Maximus, Black Bolt comes in to capture and take his brother. At the end of Fantastic Four we are introduced to the royal family on the blue side of the moon. After the Inhuman movie, we have sequels to Black Panther and Captain Marvel both tying in with FF and the Inhumans. It will be amazing to see T’challa and Reed Richards on the big screen. Especially when they have to team up to take down Dr. Doom. Captain Marvel would play more of a cosmic role, a great villain for her could be Super Skrull.

Then we return to Earth to check in on Spider-Man and in keeping with the space theme we find the web head going against Carnage and Venom. The New Captain America Bucky Barnes takes over the role and he will be dealing with the return of Zemo. The concept art released after civil war had a purple hooded Zemo that looked amazing. Then we see Robert Downey Jr’s final Iron Man film where we have the return of the Mandarin the real one. Turns out he’s an Inhuman and Tony teams up with popular Inhuman Crystal to take down Mandarin. Tony Stark is recast after this film. Then Namor finally joins the MCU, I would like to see some interaction with the Fantastic Four but the majority of the movie taking place in Atlantis. Black Widow then gets her first solo film, focusing on her past and her friendship with Hawkeye.

In the final stretch things get a little dark as Doom sets his sights on the Fantastic Four teaming up with Maximus the Mad to try to destroy the FF and the royal family. It will span two movies Fantastic Four  and Inhumans 2. Then we have an end credit scene after Inhumans showing Reed Richards waking up in the middle of the night he looks out his window to see Uatu The Watcher, behind him the Silver Surfer flies across the sky. Which brings us to The Ultimates part one as they all team up to deal with the pending threat of the Planet Devourer Galatus.

Between the Ultimates movies we will have Guardians of the Galaxy 3 who encounter Terrax and they find out about Galatus. We also find out the Nova Corps has been destroyed and all of the Nova force is now being weld by one man, Richard Rider. Then we get the third Captain Marvel as she takes on the Silver Surfer. Here we find Carol Danvers trying to reason with Silver Surfer, we also find out Galatus has destroyed the Skrulls home world. Carol also has a new sidekick, a young inhuman girl Kamala Khan. Then we close out Phase 4 with the MCU vs Galatus in Ultimates part 2.


Fantastic Four




Black Panther 3


Captain Marvel 2

Spider-Man 3


Iron Man 4

Captain America



Black Widow


Fantastic Four 2


Inhumans 2


Ant Man 3


The Ultimates Part one



Guardians of the Galaxy 3


Captain Marvel 3


The Ultimates Part 2


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