The Potential of Disney Infinity

Disney has been around for over 80 years, and in that 80 plus years it has created some of the most iconic character ever in all media. With Mickey leading the charge and his group of friends laying the foundation for what would become one of the largest entertainment empires ever, it’s needless to say there was plenty to explore for Disney Infinity. Disney Infinity launched and took advantage of the huge popularity of one of its most popular branches, Pixar. The Incredibles, Monsters Inc, Toy Story and Cars all played a role in the first game. As a change of pace and a chance to show that the game was more than just a cartoon kiddie game, the developers also brought the worlds of Pirates of Caribbean and Lone Ranger to Infinity and with it new functions in the game. Coming off the acquisition of Marvel for 4 Billion dollars Disney wasted no time bringing the super heroes into Infinity with 2.0. The Marvel heavy version of the game saw 3 Marvel play sets and 2 game discs, joining them were 2 more game discs one for Disney’s Stich from Lilo and Stich and the Pixar movie Brave. The Game discs brought different play styles to the toy box. Some included tower defense elements, others just showed different camera views to bring new dimensions to the game. Following the Marvel acquisition, Disney shocked the world by acquiring the rights to Lucas films which brought the rights of Star Wars and Indiana Jones. At this point it was no longer an if, to add star wars but a when are we going to see it and low and behold Disney Infinity 3.0 was announced and yes, Star Wars was joining the Disney Infinity family. This really pushed Disney Infinity over the top as the king of Toys to life, even with the addition of Lego Dimensions to the toys to life genre. Disney Infinity looked like it was running away with it. 3.0 brought 3 star wars play sets into the world of Infinity and also brought the world of Inside Out Pixar’s latest film at the time into the mix with 5 characters and a play set of its own. Disney Interactive then announced they were sticking with 3.0 and continuing supporting it instead of moving ahead with a 4.0 opting to save that for a later time. Unfortunately that time will never come because shortly after that announcement Disney decided it was easier to license out their IP’s instead of doing the work themselves and they pulled out of console gaming, killing Disney Infinity and closing Avalanche Studios the main developers of the game.


We are now just left to wonder what could’ve been, the potential for this platform seemed endless and the community around it was more than enough to keep it going. There are reports of what was in store for Disney Infinity 4.0, it included play sets for major Disney films like Star Wars Rouge One, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, Cars 3, among others. Another interesting tidbit from the report was the addition of 12 inch figures that lit up, figures like Darth Vader and Hulk were lined up for this premium figure. This is all well and good but the fact that we could have seen a current generation only version with updated visuals or upgrades to the toy box to make creating you own stories easier. While a few of Disney’s princesses made it out like Rapunzel, Jasmine, and Mulan, the addition of a princess play set would have been huge, I personally have two daughters that love this game and would have enjoyed seeing Cinderella or Belle added to the game. Let’s not forget the constant additions to the Disney Brand itself, in 2016 we will see Moana released also on the TV side The Lion Guard has become a huge hit. I could bore you with the legal mumbo jumbo that held back characters like the X-Men or the Fantastic Four from joining the game but that could’ve been big if it became a reality. My hope would be that Disney would allow another company to pick up where Avalanche left off and continue this wonderful game that brought joy to so many families. In reality we will most like see the characters end up being licensed out to numerous studios for their own individual games, maybe Lego Dimensions who has worked with Disney in the past and has made games for Star War and the Marvel Super Heroes could bring them into their world but the developer TT Games is owned by Disney’s largest competitor Time Warner. A deal could be made but I would be shocked if the competing brands could work together. DC comics which have their characters in Lego Dimensions might not want to share the spotlight with Marvel, seeing that these two companies are not big fans of each other at the moment. Who knows what the future holds, all we know is we had a great game that died too soon and all the Disney Infinity collectors out there have dozens of reminders in the form of beautiful figures we can display proudly.


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